New Construction

New Construction

Inspection Package for New Constructions

Tauscher Cronacher provides reasonably priced services for new construction, including on-site inspections of a newly-constructed home. This service ensures that the builder has delivered all the work stipulated in the contract in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and associated specifications before you turnover to them the completion payment for the project.

We will also provide you with a list of all minor defects and minor omissions that the builder must address before they hand over the property to you. This will help you have a fresh and problem-free purchase experience.

Progress Inspections

Our Progress Inspections Service is designed to ensure that the builders or contractors you hire are executing proper building techniques and workmanship in every stage of the construction project. This will help protect your investment and safety once you occupy the home.

We also conduct regularly scheduled quality inspections to ensure that all specifications were followed during the construction process with high-quality work.

Builder Services

Tauscher Cronacher also provides residential construction company owners and contractors with reliable Third-Party Quality Assurance Programs and Risk Management Services. For more details and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.