Professional Environmental Testing Services

Our Professionals are licensed and well-trained in conducting the following (but not limited to) environmental services as additional services to any home or commercial inspections


Asbestos Testing

The use of asbestos or any product containing this material has long been prohibited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) because of its health hazards. Although it is fire resistant and durable, its fibers can cause lung irritation that has high chances of developing into lung cancer 20-30 years after the initial contact. Most common products that may have contained asbestos as raw material include insulation on heating equipment, heating types or floor tiles, wall shingles, wall and ceiling insulations, and wall plasters. To check whether asbestos is present in any materials in your home, we can provide you with the necessary assistance from sample testing of materials up to the development of competent and feasible solutions to address this concern.


Radon Testing

Based on US Environmental Protection Agency estimates, one in every 15 homes all through the country are exposed to high radon level at or above the recommended action level of 4picoCuries per liter of air (pCi/L). Although radon gas is invisible, tasteless, and odorless, it is a cancer causing radioactive gas which can be found in all homes across the United States. It enters the home from ground soil through cracks and holes in the foundation. It is considered as the second leading cause of lung cancer responsible for more than 20,000 deaths per year according to the US Surgeon General reports. We at Tauscher Cronacher Engineers can help you secure that your home is safe from radon as our engineers would provide the needed expertise to investigate and mitigate radon problems. We will also provide you with the appropriate and cost-effective solutions to safeguard your home and your family from radon exposure in the future.


Lead Testing

Lead can be abundant in dust, soil, water, or paint chips. These are very common in our homes and high exposure to lead can be extremely dangerous. Common illnesses caused by ingestion of too much lead are high blood pressure, kidney damage, and fertility problems. To avoid such and to secure your homes from this harmful element, it is advisable to do lead testing. Home kits can detect surface or accessible lead but they cannot detect those below the surface. Hence, for a more detailed lead analysis, please tap Tauscher Cronacher Engineers. Our engineers have vast hands-on experience in conducting quality and professional lead testing.

Water Quality Testing


Water is essential in our life as we use it mostly in our daily activities – drinking, cooking, bathing, washing our dishes and clothes, etc. To make sure that we have sufficient supply of clean potable water every day, the EPA advises that private domestic water supplies should be tested annually to guarantee that it is safe for drinking and other consumptions. Our Professional Team is properly skilled and trained to conduct water quality testing. We also have the necessary equipment to determine the evidence of bacteria, nitrate, iron, ph, lead, radon, arsenic, uranium, and fluoride in your water supply. We can also provide technical assistance in order to address potential problems.

Septic and Cesspool Testing

Sanitation is very important for a healthy home. Hence, septic tank or cesspools must be disposed regularly and properly to ensure cleanliness and safety at home and the environment. More importantly these facilities must be properly designed, built, and well maintained to avoid high costs for repair and replacements. We at Tauscher Cronacher Engineers can assist you in evaluating the condition of your septic tank or cesspool prior to the complete acquisition of your future home. Our Professional Team can perform the necessary tests to determine evidence of a clogged pipe, traces of sewage, and unsanitary conditions or damages of the septic tank or cesspool components.