Forensic Services

Professional Engineering Opinions for Forensic Cases

Expert opinions are often required to help resolve legal, financial, or insurance issues related to your property. We at Tauscher Cronacher have proven expert Forensic Services to help you as you address these concerns especially when it comes to identifying causes of site defects, structural deficiencies, and property damage.

Repair Design

Our Forensic Services include formulation of engineering design plans in order to repair deficiencies discovered in the foundation or structure itself. Our engineers are licensed and accredited to sign and seal the design plan which is required before actual repairs start.

New Construction

Similar to pre-purchase inspection, on-site Forensic Services of newly-constructed houses are used to expose existing and potential deficiencies that need to be resolved prior to occupancy. We can provide all needed expertise to conduct comprehensive on-site Forensic Services to make sure that you can smoothly transfer to your new home without any worries.

Insurance Claim Inspections

Before you can claim your check from insurance companies to cover for the damage expenses, you might be required to submit a professional on-site evaluation of the damage that occurred in your home. With our experts on hand, we can help you obtain the necessary reports that detail the probable cause of the damage, its severity, and possible solutions to resolve it.

Expert Witness Testimony

Tauscher Cronacher Engineers can provide you the required expert testimonies to help resolve disputes and legal issues. We have licensed engineers who are qualified to evaluate evidence and to personally testify in injury cases where the alleged cause of injury is a building or site defect. We can also provide testimonies for cases that may involve injuries caused by any one or more aspects of a long list of building deficiencies. Our testimonies are objective, based on available data, and typically include comparison of the actual conditions vis-a-vis existing standards and building codes.