About Our Firm

About Modern Business

Recognizing the needs for expert opinions on the mechanical and structural integrity of properties, Arthur Tauscher founded Tauscher Cronacher Engineers in 1957 to assist home and building buyers. In line with this, he also developed the concept of comprehensive home and building inspections and later on further expanded it to include industrial and commercial properties. This paved the way for the creation and global acceptance of various inspection standards that are still being followed up to the present; many of which originated from Tauscher Cronacher Engineers.

We are honored to welcome Mike Peck taking the baton to continue our legacy after 61 years in practice. Mike brings strong owner representation work and construction management while maintaining our foothold in the home and building inspection business.

Over the years, we focus on providing its expertise in commercial and residential inspections particularly in the following areas:

  • Pre-purchase inspections including structural opinions in writing and termite inspection;
  • Property condition assessments;
  • Environmental surveys;
  • Phase I inspections; and
  • Local law building inspections.

To date, our company has inspected more than 200,000 structures and is retained for its unmatched excellence and credibility. Along with its local work with highly-trained licensed professionals, we have also collaborated with various engineering firms worldwide.

Our firm only works with Professional engineers (PE) and Registered architects (RA)

We follow strict criteria in contracting an Engineer or Architect, such as:

  • Professional Licensure as Engineer or Architect
  • Substantial experience in building construction including standards and regulation compliance
  • Active participation in related training, capacity building, and continuing education programs
  • Strong commitment to comply to highest work ethics and professionalism standards
  • Dedication to provide all necessary assistance to meet the client needs and expectations